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Supported Online Speech and Language Training

Improve your pronunciation and fluency in your own home, on your own schedule

We offer supported online software for pronunciation and fluency practice through our noncredit course Linguistics 483: Supported Online Speech & Language Training.  The software is accessed online, which means you can practice anytime and anywhere that is convenient for you. Students must actively use the system for a minimum of 30 minutes each week to earn a satisfactory grade for the quarter.

NativeAccent™ Developed at Carnegie Mellon University's Language Technologies Institute, NativeAccent™ Speech Training software provides individualized language instruction. It focuses on segment (vowel and consonant) -level feedback, although it also offers lessons on fluency, grammar, and prosody. It is accessible online from any computer with an Internet connection, USB headset, and Adobe Flash enabled browser, or through the Media and Design Studio located in Kresge Centennial Hall.

In-person support: In addition to the required online practice, users may participate in a face-to-face orientation session at the start of the quarter. For Linguistics 483 users, we offer workshops on specific features of English pronunciation 2-3 times per quarter. We also offer weekly drop-in sessions for individualized support and questions. Please note that all in-person support is offered via Zoom for academic year 2020-21 due to COVID-19.

Please note that all of our services, including online software, are non-credit courses. For students, Linguistics 483 appears on transcripts.  The possible grades are "satisfactory" and "unsatisfactory". Although students receive a grade, the grade does not affect GPA and the course does not affect student course loads. Non-students, including faculty, postdocs, staff, and visiting scholars can audit the course, but must register through English Language Programs. Please contact us for a copy of the syllabus, or questions about weekly or quarterly software usage requirements and hardware requirements. We are happy to help!

Click here to be taken to the registration and eligibility page.