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Advising and Office Hours

As an international student or scholar, you may have questions about TGS’s English Proficiency Requirement, testing, community English language resources, or long-term professional development as a non-native speaker living and working in a North American academic setting.

Advising Sessions: we are happy to meet individually with Northwestern students and scholars to discuss our programs and services, as well as professional development opportunities and resources for developing your English language communication skills. Please contact our Program Coordinator Brian Hampson at or call us at (847)-467-6053 for information on advising sessions with our faculty and staff.

Office Hours are held weekly for students and scholars of Northwestern University in the fall, winter, and spring quarters. Students who are already enrolled in Linguistics 482 Individual Instruction may attend Office Hours if they would like extra help, or make up a missed weekly session. Those not already enrolled in Linguistics 482 may use the Office Hours as a way to get individualized support without a regular appointment.

Spring Quarter 2019 Office Hours 

  • All Office Hours are offered in the Department of Linguistics at 2016 Sheridan Road on the Evanston Campus on a weekly basis, starting the week of April 1st and continuing through June 7th (Reading Week). 
  • For Spring Quarter 2019, all office hours are marked as Reserved.  To reserve an office hour this quarter, you must sign up online in advance. The reservation system is available at  To access the system, you'll need a password.  Please send an email to Brian Hampson, Program Coordinator, at so that he can verify your academic status and send you the password.
  • Autumn Bryant's two sessions are reservable by up to two people at each session. If you sign up for one of Autumn's sessions, you may be sharing the session with another person. Or, if you are the only person to sign up for that slot, it will be an individual session. If two people do sign up for the same session, Autumn will work with both clients to get the most benefit out of the session for each person.  Our two other Spring Quarter tutors, Corinne Vargas and Ethan Myers, only hold individual sessions. 

 Spring Quarter 2019 Office Hours Schedule

  • Autumn D. Bryant, MS, MA, CCC-SLP: Mondays, 10:00-10:40 AM; 10:40-11:20 AM, Room 305, 2016 Sheridan Road (Reserved, shared or individual sessions) NO OFFICE HOURS ON MEMORIAL DAY (5/27/19)
  • Corinne Vargas, MS, CCC-SLP: Tuesdays, 2:00-2:40 PM, Room 304, 2016 Sheridan Road (Reserved, individual session) 
  • Ethan Myers: Wednesdays, 11:30 AM-12:10 PM, Room 205, 2016 Sheridan Road (Reserved, individual session)