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Linguistics 482: Individual Instruction

Get individual instruction in spoken English from a dedicated instructor

Our individual instruction sessions offer the opportunity for eligible students and scholars to work one-on-one with a trained instructor. We offer individual appointment times throughout the academic year through enrollment in Linguistics 482. In individual sessions, students receive increased opportunity for practice, personalized feedback, and focus on their specific linguistic skills. The default modality for these sessions is remote (via Zoom), but in-person sessions are also possible with some instructors. You may discuss the option of in-person sessions with your instructor prior to your first session.

  • About LING 482 Appointments: At the first meeting each quarter, students and their instructors complete an in-person assessment to discuss current strengths and weaknesses. Based on that initial meeting, the student and tutor create learning goals for the quarter. Session activities are based on those learning goals. Examples of activities include: structured conversation, pronunciation; listening comprehension and giving presentations; SPEAK or Versant test preparation; mock interviews; cultural discussion, and more. We also have one-time only sessions available; please see visit our Office Hours page for more information or to reserve a time.
  • How to register: Review profiles of our instructors on our About Us page. For complete details on how to sign up for a weekly individual instruction appointment, please see our registration page. For information on office hours, see above.
  • Registration Information: Individual instruction services are offered as a non-credit course (Linguistics 482). This course does not affect your course load or your GPA; it does appear on your transcript with a grade of either Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory. Please visit our registration page for more information.

For Graduate Students: PhD and MFA students in The Graduate School are eligible for assigned tutoring appointments. For more information on priority for enrollment, please visit our eligibility page. PhD and MFA students who are selected for Integrated Academic Skills are required to participate in Linguistics 482 as a part of the curriculum. Please see our Integrated Academic Skills page for more information. All students must apply through English Language Programs to enroll in Linguistics 482.

For Postdoctoral Fellows: Postdoctoral fellows are eligible for assigned tutoring and may enroll in Linguistics 482 as an auditor. Auditors have access to the Canvas course site and must meet the same participation requirements as graduate students who are enrolled in the course through CAESAR. 

For Affiliates:  Graduate students in a non-TGS program, faculty, undergraduates, visiting scholars and staff may use our office hours, but are not eligible to sign up for a weekly appointment. 

Office Hours. Our weekly  Office hours sessions allow any Northwestern student, scholar, or affiliate the opportunity to meet with one of our tutors on an as-needed basis.  Students who are already registered for Linguistics 482 may use Office Hours to schedule a make-up session or get additional help.

Additional Resources. We also maintain a list of private tutors who can be hired for a fee. These tutors are not directly affiliated with Northwestern University. Please see our private tutors page for more information.