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Integrated Academic Skills (IAS)

Support for improving English proficiency, right at the start of your graduate program.

Integrated Academic Skills is a comprehensive curriculum specially designed for new PhD or MFA students who need extra support in developing their proficiency in spoken English. This two-quarter sequence focuses on developing oral English skills for the academic context as students work toward fulfilling The Graduate School’s English proficiency requirement. Enrollment is based on students’ performance on their Versant placement test.

Participation is mandatory for students selected for the program. Integrated Academic Skills takes a multi-faceted approach to developing students’ oral English skills. Students participate in three English Language Programs services:

Integrated Academic Skills runs during fall and winter quarters only. At the end of fall quarter, students will have the opportunity to take the Versant test again. Based on their December Versant score, some students will be enrolled in Integrated Academic Skills again in winter quarter.

For questions about this program, please contact Program Coordinator Brian Hampson.